The Aryan Race – Human Root Races – The Genetic Consequences of Mixing

This article summarises the evolution of the human races, the mixing that took place and the extinction of individual breeds including the Aryan Race. The genetic consequences of this great racial mixing are listed at the end of the article.

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The old terminology utilised in this article is from a historical perspective; no offence is intended.

The first humans arose 250,000 years ago in Northeast Africa. At that time, there was only one race of homo sapiens on our planet, that being Negro.


The original Negroes, like Negroes today had dark brown skin, black fuzzy-kinky hair, brown eyes and thick lips. Their brain size averaged 1200 cubic centimetres. They had large nasal holes, flattish type noses and prognathism, jutting jaws. The negroes have wave-like brow ridges, a lack of body hair, square eye orbits and a significant eye socket distance. Large megadontic teeth, narrower ears, narrower joints and frontal skull eminences.


There was also Neanderthals and Denisovan man in Eurasia, different species.

Ginger/Red-haired (that’s why some of us have this feature), dark brown skin, orange tinted, sloping foreheads, reduced chin, large nose in length and width. Shorter limb proportions with a full barrel-shaped rib cage to humans. They used bone and stone tools.

130,000 Years Ago

One hundred thirty thousand years ago, and the interglacial period (warmer period) has begun amid an ice-age. This period was known as the Eemian period.

At this time the Negroes expanded outwards from their habitat of the Afar triangle in Northeast Africa. They migrated both South into the rest of Africa and North into Europe.

When in Europe they continued further North, to Scandinavia. Going right to its very top and then down again to the West of the Scandes mountains running through present-day Norway.

These Negroes settled there, living by the coast.

Sixty thousand years ago, the second tribe of Negroes again migrated out of Africa and this time headed east. They trekked along the coast to South India and settled there.

The tribe of Negroes there split, one group continued to the Far East of Asia. On this journey to the Far East of Asia, the tribe split again, and the other tribe journeyed south to the Papua New Guinea region.

Anyway, 50,000 years ago in these new locations of:

  • Scandinavia
  • South India
  • Far East Asia
  • Papua New Guinea
Race Map

New races had emerged, those being:

  • Aryan in Scandinavia
  • Dravidian in South India
  • Mongoloid in Far East Asia
  • Aboriginal in Papua New Guinea

The Aryan Race

The Aryan race had emerged with white translucent skin, blue eyes, blonde hair and a large cranial capacity of 1600cc, (that’s larger than ethnic Nordic Europeans today!). They had clear-cut prominent, angularly set chins, thin lips and a sharp cut marrow groove from the nose. Their blue veins shone through when their skin lacked a tan. Males had thick-haired beards.

With towering height: 176.2cm on average for males, they were the tallest race. The eye orbits of this race were square. Aryans were robustly built and Straight limbed. Narrow aquiline noses, Long low skulls. Substantial solid body – strong musculature and a straight forehead. Very slight brow ridges. A short, broad face and no jutting jaw (no prognathism).

Whereas the other three new races had not changed that much from the original negroes. The other three races were still dark of skin, eye and hair colour.

At 50,000 years ago, the ice age was starting to get colder again. The Eemian period was ending.

The Aryan race of Scandinavia left their habitat and migrated south into the rest of Europe. They found a less harsh existence and then grew in numbers.

This Aryan race encountered Neanderthals on this expansion into Europe which they killed off and did breed with minimally at specific points.

Homo Neanderthalensis

The Aryan race ended up occupying all of Europe in small tribes, then they migrated further East into the Middle East and Far East Asia.

In the middle east, they came across the Indian race with whom they mixed. In the far east, they came across mongoloids with whom they mixed.

  • Mixing in the Middle East produced Arabs.
  • Mixing in the Far East produced Orientals.

These new people were hybrids. These hybrids (Arabs and Orientals) number grew and expanded west. The Orientals into Eurasia and Eastern Europe. The Arabs into North Africa and from there up into Spain, Italy and Greece. All the time mixing with tribes of Aryans in these locations.

This mixing between Orientals and Aryans in Eurasia produced Slavic people. The blending between Arabs and Aryans in the Mediterranean zones produced the Spanish, Italians and the Greeks.

There is simply no other way of explaining the present-day situation.

Yes, Europeans are mostly Scandinavian racially, but also part Dravidian (Southern Indian) and part Mongoloid (Far East Asian) to varying degrees.

We (Europeans) all have some black in us.

No one has escaped the mixing.

The consequences of all this mixing can be seen in mixed race people today,

All genetic conditions that blight humanity are no doubt caused by the mixing of the root races and also mixing with Neanderthals and Denisovan man.

Joris / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

Cornelia de Lange syndrome (pictured above)

Genetic disorders/syndromes:

James Halpern, Bryan Hopping and Joshua M Brostoff / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

Xeroderma pigmentosum (pictured above)

And that is only the physical genetic conditions that blight the mixed peoples of our world. Mental health problems are also genetic in nature.

List of mental disorders

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